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Tonight's Jam cancelled!!!

The next meeting of the Ottawa Comic Jam is Wednesday _______, 2018 at the Shanghai Restaurant, 651 Somerset St. W. Ottawa ON 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm.

Jam Theme: TBA

Contact: Sue
ottawacomicjam (at) gmail (dot) com
613. 501. 6862


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Please note: This is a friendly, open group of comic enthusiasts. Hurtful or disrespectful comments during a jam, or purposefully creating insensitive or hateful artwork will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave if you are disruptive or disrespectful to fellow jammers.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

NEW DATE Tuesday March 26th - HOT HOT HOT

Tuesday March 26th is our redux HOT HOT HOT comic jam at the Shanghai Restaurant. The Jammers will be drawing all things HOT! Come out and bring your red markers, coloured pencils, glitter glue... Draw fire, romance, burning feelings n__n It will be a night to remember.

There are goodie-treat bags assembled for your pleasure, containing HOT CANDIES! Do you dare take the challenge of eating them? Pony up your courage and your artistic and creative skills. It'll be hot!

March HOT HOT HOT Ottawa Comic Jam
Tuesday March 26th, 2013
7:00pm - 9:30pm
Shanghai Restaurant
651 Somerset St. W.
Ottawa ON K1R 5K3

Contact: Suzanne

Event cost: free, paper provided
Artwork is collected at the end of the evening, scanned and posted regularly on the Ottawa Comic Jam site. Sponsored by DragonHead and Brain Power Studios.

Our home-away-from home, the Shanghai Restaurant!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Melting Snowball Jam - January 2013

(c)2013 Jason Chen, used with permission.
Who knew Mother Nature was so keyed into comics that she actually sent a quick thaw our way on the evening of our 'Melting Snowball' themed comic jam last month? It was pretty cool I tell ya!

A wonderful number of folks attended the jam and produced some fun comics. It took a little bit to get into the swing of the theme (one object, piece of text or character had to disappear as the comic continued, until there was nothing left), but soon everyone was having fun and being silly with it!

Thanks as always to Don and the great staff at the Shanghai Restaurant who make us feel welcome, feed us great food (tofu ginger with veg!) and even turned the lights up for the hard working artists as we all laboured away n__n

Thanks to those who took the time to come out and draw (or write) and who made the evening a wonderful success: Suzanne Marsden, Clayton Jacobs, Liz Walsh, James Rule, Westin Church, Sean J. MacIsaac, Andrew Stutt, Scott MacLellan, Amy VanTorre, Susan Shore, Gérard Bélec, Sasha Lapointe Lawless, Christo L'Hiver, Tim J. Moerman and Erin English.

A big thank you goes out to Jason Chen, local Ottawa reporter and photographer for taking time to photograph the jammers in their natural environment! All of the photos posted here are his, from that evening and give newcomers a wonderful peek into the world of comic jamming.

A few people took the time to tackle John Campbell's wonderful challenge "Hourly Comic Day" February 1st, 2013.

Links to jammers' work are below:
Amy VanTorre
Suzanne Marsden
Suze Shore
Jillie from Chile (You may have to friend her on FB to see comics).

And now, on to the jam artwork!

(c)2013 Jason Chen, used with permission.

(c)2013 Jason Chen, used with permission.

(c)2013 Jason Chen, used with permission.

(c)2013 Jason Chen, used with permission.

(c)2013 Jason Chen, used with permission.

(c)2013 Jason Chen, used with permission.